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Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Blane Warrene

Jenise brought substantial depth and understanding to our documentation and training goals for a complex technology project. Her ability to translate technical processes into straight forward user communications was central to our success. Her mentoring also assisted in building confidence in analysts who took over after she gave us a head start! Great to work with.

Blane Warrene Product Manager (IT) at Pacific Life Insurance Company May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook testimonial by Joyce Pryor PMP

Jenise, is one of the best Instructional Designer’s I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is adept and creative in analyzing the client’s needs and brings fresh ideas and a pleasant personality in balancing the team. Jenise design concepts led to wonderful feedback from the client team and was well received by the learners. Not only is she easy to work with, she has the ability to anticipate needs and is astute in being able to accomplish tasks without a lot of direction. She is a critical thinker and quick on her feet, and is an amazing addition to anyone’s team or company. I wish I could work with several Jenise’s, it would add up to a lot more being done, effectively, efficiently, and with winning results.

Joyce Pryor, PMP Project Manager (Contract), ES Sales Learning at Automatic Data Processing (ADP) May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Janet DiVincenzo

I reserve my highest level of recommendation for Jenise, whom I consider to be a consummate professional. She has carved out a niche for herself as a successful independent freelancer who understands not only the technical aspects of elearning development, but more importantly the consultative nature of working with clients, often remote. She is a terrific listener, able to expertly elicit requirements from clients and synthesize their needs. She is funny, bright, and throws her heart and soul into a project. I recommend Jenise highly.

Janet DiVincenzo, PMP, CPLP Assistant Director of Online Learning, California State University, Irvine May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook Freelance Writer testimonial by Steven M. Johnson

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jenise on two different departments at Pacific Life. In the first department, she worked as a Senior Technical Writer. In the second department, where we currently work together, she is a Senior e-Learning Designer. She has always been a pleasure to work with, and has done whatever it took to get the job done and get it done right. She has a range of strong skills, from writing, to editing, to instructional design, to classroom training, to e-Learning design and development. Jenise has always been a valuable asset, and a great team member.

Steven M. Johnson eLearning Developer at Pacific Life Insurance Company May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Jennifer A. Miles

Jenise was brought in to assist us with documenting the finite details of publishing eLearning content. She consistently provided a high quality product and a positive attitude. She not only met the deliverable specifications; she provided proactive additional feedback to ensure that the deliverable documentation could be “the best that it could be”.

Jennifer A. Miles Senior Project Manager (Consultant) at Stranix May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Daniel Gimness

Jenise Cook was fantastic to work with. Jenise Cook is an energetic, hardworking, well educated and independent instructional design expert. She is a person you can trust when you want to be sure that important tasks will be completed in a systematic and precise way.

Daniel Gimness eLearning Developer at DGS Designs May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Dennis Barry

Jenise truly delivers! Jenise is adept at quickly coming up to speed and, when executing, very detailed and thorough. I worked with her at Pacific Life and she developed training curriculum that was right on the money. The ease at which she operated was a blessing to the project.

Dennis Barry Senior Project Manager (IT) at Pacific Life Insurance Company May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Kathleen Byrne

Jenise is a quick study and was able to step in quickly and work with Subject Matter Experts to create easy to undertand training pertaining to Health Care Reform. She is a true team player!

Kathleen Byrne Sales Learning Program Manager at Automatic Data Processing (ADP) May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Judy Aron-Sellaro

I have had the pleasure of having Jenise work with one of our favorite clients. The client has given us glowing feedback and would keep her on forever if budget allowed.

Jenise has been working on a distributed team as an Instructional Designer for interactive e-learning modules and required certification training. This included design and development of instructional materials, online assessments, working closely with Legal and SMEs to refine content, and alpha/beta testing processes.

I look forward to the next opportunity to work with Jenise!

Judy Aron-Sellaro Recruiting Director at UserEdge Technical Personnel May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Sabrina Fay

I had the pleasure of Jenise Cook working for me as an instructional designer on a challenging, highly-visible instructional design project. Jenise’s professional and timely communication was a valuable asset to the team. Her detailed-oriented, quality work product made her one of my “go to” team members. Due to her dependable work, great attitude, and overall flexibility I would be happy to work with Jenise in the future.

Sabrina Fay Project Manager, at ICATT Consulting May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Gayle Vartanian LaBelle

Jenise is very professional and is a pleasure to work with. She is very detail oriented which is reflected in all of her work. Her communication skills are excellent and she can be counted on to be on time with all deliverables.

Gayle Vartanian Project Manager (IT) at Pacific Life Insurance Company May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Tony Bolling

I had the pleasure of working with Jenise as the primary developer on a large-scale project that I managed. The project required multiple deliverables in a very tight timeframe.
Jenise worked with diligence and precision and I could always count on her to get things done in a timely and efficient manner.
I was also impressed by the fact that in the midst of very challenging situations, she always had a positive attitude and kind word to share. Her professional approach combined with her upbeat and pleasant demeanor really set her apart. Jenise would be a great asset to your project team.

Tony Bolling Project Manager (Contract) at TrainingPros May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Mauricio Gutierrez

I have recently worked with Jenise developing and delivering an eLearning module for a Global Leader Orientation Program in World Vision. The way Jenise interacts and delivers content is in a very creative, professional and personal manner; she’s an expert in the field of eLearning. I highly recommend Jenise to anyone who is interested in doing distance learning – she has mastered voice-over recording, gap analysis, Articulate rapid eLearning software, and other technologies. Please check her portfolio at If you need more information about Jenise’s work, contact me any time.

Mauricio Gutierrez, M.S., PCC Capacity & Leadership Development at World Vision, International May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Ezra Wolfe

We engaged Jenise to produce and complete a lengthy and complex e-learning module for a medical association client. Jenise helped us rework the script into a better product and assisted us with creative learning concepts. She did extensive photo research and completed projection of the entire course on time and on budget. Jenise also identified several mistakes from the authors! We would highly recommend Jenise and Ridge View Media.

Ezra Wolfe Chief Technology Officer at DLC Solutions / EthosCE May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Bethany Brittain

I hired Jenise to create an eLearning course for Coca Cola Enterprise. Our client was unable to secure a full time Subject Matter Expert which created some large challenges for my team. Jenise remained steadfast and positive the entire time. She worked diligently through evening and weekend hours so that we could meet our deadline. Her honesty and transparency allowed me to rest easy during the production process–she is easy to manage and a great partner.

Jenise has an innate ability to understand our client’s needs. She communicated with authority and exactness. These are qualities I needed on my team and made Jenise a real joy in our working relationship.

Bethany Brittain Lead Instructional Designer (Brittain Consulting) at SweetRush May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Sandy Stricker

We hired Jenise on a contract basis and were THRILLED with how quickly she learned our business and our processes. I received unsolicited feedback from our internal clients about how well she understood our goals and initiatives, and those clients were amazed that she wasn’t a long term, full time employee. She is an incredibly creative and innovative individual who is always on top of current trends in the learning industry which means that the work she creates is cutting edge. Her work is world class and I would hire her back in a heart beat!

I brought Jenise into our organization to develop eLearning. I was amazed at how quickly Jenise learned how we work, our culture, our business and our organization. She was a very independent worker and once onboarded I knew that I could give Jenise a project and trust that it would be done to the highest degree of excellence. I would definitely bring Jenise back into our group for additional work.

Sandy Stricker Director, ES Sales Learning at Automatic Data Processing (ADP) May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Cecilia Saez

I had the pleasure to work with Jenise on the development of an e-learning course aimed at introducing new employees and affiliates to the company’s strategy, operations, and services. The time spent with Jenise during the assessment and design process was priceless. Jenise provided insightful recommendations about best ways to align the content of the training to the overall objective. Her partnership, support and dedication were integral to the success of this project and enabled me to present a great product to the organization. Jenise is someone I aspire to work with on future projects. I highly recommend her work, professional demeanor, and integrity.

Cecilia Saez Director, Organizational Development & Learning at Smile Brands May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Mike Gurtler

Jenise provided exceptional creativity in working to produce web-based training programs for our project. She was easy to work with, detailed oriented and provided an end-product that is amazing, user-friendly and extremely functional. Her insight, knowledge and skills are superb.

Mike Gurtler Senior Consultant, Safe-Wise Consulting May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Muir Palmer

I worked with Jenise on a very large eLearning initiative for Coca-Cola Enterprises on Leadership Training. Jenise was the Instructional Designer and Writer for the financial course. She immersed herself in the source content and came up with an intelligent high level design concept. When she moved on to the storyboarding task, she collaborated well with the subject matter experts, the graphic designers and the flash developers to create a client-pleasing product. This was one of the most challenging courses in the suite of online training and we were very fortunate to have Jenise on our team. She worked well directly with the client team as well as the production team. She made my life a lot easier, that’s for sure! I would work with Jenise again in a heartbeat.

Muir Palmer Senior Project Manager (Contract) at SweetRush May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Trina Jones, PMP

It has been my pleasure to work with Jenise as an Instructional Designer on a SweetRush project. Jenise is a highly skilled instructional designer who is well versed in the entire eLearning process, from analysis through implementation. She has a keen sense for analyzing a clients needs and helping them bring their ideas to fruition. She is excellent at thinking ahead of the client to determine additional needs they may have and helping them to see how they can benefit. She is extremely professional, yet has the ability to reach the clients on a personal level as well, thus enriching their engagement experience with her. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jenise and welcome the opportunity to do so again.

Trina Jones, PMP Project Manager, SweetRush May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook testimonial by Alisha Gibbs

Jenise developed an e-learning course for my company recently and did so with great professionalism and attention to detail. I handed her a storyboard, and she ran with it, interpreting details perfectly and providing her expertise and experience to make it highly interactive and effectual. She continually met deadlines and provided solutions seamlessly to issues. I would highly recommend Jenise for your web and e-learning production needs.

Alisha Gibbs Manager of Organizational Development at Children's Hospital of Orange County May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Robert Gahagan

Jenise is a skilled and knowledgeable Instructional Designer. She made my work much easier with her proactive approach to projects and her vast knowledge of development as well as design. It was a great pleasure to work with someone with an upbeat attitude and a genuine love of what she does. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any ID job and look forward to working with her in the future.

Robert Gahagan Instructional Designer and Developer at Automatic Data Processing (ADP) May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Greg Friese

Jenise just completed her first project for my elearning company EPS411. I am please with her contribution to the project. When I look for a production partner my expectation is that the partner will listen to the assignment, repeat back to me the tasks, and then complete the work in a way that exceeds my expectations. Jenise did all three on a project that had a tight deadline for my company. She was also familiar with and able to use our project management tool, Basecamp, which meant she was able to start on the project as soon as it was assigned. I appreciate her contributions to this project and look forward to working with her more in 2010.

Greg Friese, M.S., NRP Owner, Emergency Preparedness Systems, LLC May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Laura Pulido

Based on a strong recommendation by Tom Kuhlmann at Articulate, we hired Jenise to create an interaction using Articulate products. We were fairly specific with the details of the project. Her professional approach helped clearly define the desired final product and development. She did an outstanding job! She is professional, proficient, and very knowledgeable. We look forward to working with her in the future.

Laura Pulido CEO and Founder, The Protocol Institute May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Karen Wales

Jenise and I met at ASTD Orange County Training & Technology SIG meetings. Jenise always contributes thoughtful ideas at every meeting and showed that she was quite knowledgeable in the training field. She keeps up to date on the latest trends in our field.

When we had a need for an Articulate expert there was no doubt in my mind that Jenise was the person for us. Jenise is professional, knowledgeable, personable, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again and again.

Karen Wales Vice President, Learning Development at ISC Technology May 24, 2017

Jenise Cook freelance writer testimonial by Christine Doane

I had the pleasure of working with Jenise at Pacific Life in the Talent Acquisition & Development area of HR, where she most recently worked as a Senior e-Learning Designer. What stood out the most about Jenise was her ‘can do’, positive attitude and professional demeanor. Jenise demonstrated a wide range of skills including innovative instructional design and unique and effective classroom training. Jenise is an asset to any company and I enthusiastically and confidently recommend Jenise.

Christine Doane HR Generalist / Recruiter at Pacific Life Insurance Company May 24, 2017

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Jenise is an outstanding, multi-talented professional. The team could always count on Jenise to provide thoughtful and practical insight when faced with particularly complex projects and challenges. Jenise’s exceptional communication skills further made her a valuable asset to the team.

Jim Spallino Project Office Manager, Y2K (Contract) at St. Joseph Health Systems May 24, 2017

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