About Jenise Cook, Freelance Writer

I launched my business in August 2008, yea, that 2008, one month before the U.S. economy crashed. What timing, right? I remember sitting in our livingroom, working on a new client’s project on my MacBook Pro, and watching the financial news on CNBC in mid-September 2008. As the reporters’ conversations grew more agitated, I held my breath, then I held firm in my commitment to my shiny, new freelance business. I buckled my imaginary seatbelts, drove straight ahead, and continued to network and market my services.

New clients came my way, year after year, and they gave me the privilege of adding value to their projects while we all scratched our heads and wondered what the next year would bring. Our mutual trust kept us going during dynamic times. What was the result? Take a look!

The Work I Did for My Clients

I thrilled my clients with my ability to quickly study their products and services, their business goals, the needs of their internal associates, field sales teams, and external customers, and deliver the results they wanted from their initiatives. They’ve told me I added tremendous value to their teams because I listened, asked the right questions, and produced results-oriented deliverables that moved their project forward. Check out what they said by selecting this Praise link, or from the Menu above.

My clients braved challenging years in partnership with me. You can, too, no matter what life throws our way. I’m voting for positive times ahead. Let’s add your name to the list below!

The Clients Who Worked with Me

I feel grateful to have worked in exciting industries with amazing clients such as: Automotive Manufacturing (VW of America | Goodrich), Consumer Goods (Coca-Cola Enterprises | The Coca-Cola Corporation), Healthcare (National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners | Children’s Hospital of Orange County | Smile Brands), Financial Services (Automatic Data Processing (ADP) | Bank of America | Countrywide | Deloitte Touche), Firefighter, Paramedic, EMT Safety (CentreLearn LLC), Pharmaceutical (Actelion | Allergan | GSK | Lilly), Medical Device (ResMed), Power & Energy (General Electric); as well as small and startup businesses, nonprofits, and a local unified school district (K-12).

What a ride it’s been! And, I look forward to working with you, helping you move your projects from your To Do List to your “Tah-Done!” list.

Arizona and Worldwide

Yes, that’s right! No matter where you are located, you can hire me to add value to your project team. Since 2008, I’ve worked on both USA and worldwide teams as a remote freelance writer, and instructional designer, from my mobile home office.

Let’s Get Started!

Profile photo for Jenise Cook Freelance Writer at RidgeViewMedia.com August 2017.For my “corporate” bio with lots of details about my education and professional work history, visit my More About Jenise Cook page.

Do you still wonder what I could do for you and your writing project? No worries. I’m here to listen and chat. Send me an email with a few dates and times you have available for a free, 30-minute voice call on phone or Skype:

Email me: info@ridgeviewmedia.com

About Ridge View Media (the name)

Jenise Cook grandparents Walter Russell Cook Mattie Pearl Walk Cook Ridge-View Dairy Newhall, California Los Angeles CountyRidge View Media, my freelance business, is named after my Cook grandparent’s former dairy ranch in Newhall, (Los Angeles County) California.

They built that dairy, Ridge-View Dairy, from the ground up only a few years before The Great Depression of the 1930s. They served their community by providing quality products, excellent customer service, and volunteer service to their community.

I started my consulting business in their memory. My goal is to continue their traditions of quality, excellence, and service.

What I Do When I’m Not Working

I’m married to my co-conspirator in life, Mark Bently Crabbe, and we both are owned by the most amazing herding dog, Mattie, who’s an Australian Cattle Dog crossed with McNabb Shepherd. Best.Dog.Ever. She came into our lives after the Best.Cat.Ever, our beloved and spoiled “tuxedo cat” Morgan, had to cross the Rainbow Bridge in 2011. We humans are ex-pat native Californians currently living in rural northern Arizona, where it snows in the winter, and where we’re less than a day’s drive away from Sedona, the Navajo and Hopi lands, and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Phoenix is only a 90-minute drive south to satisfy our city-life fix and attend major cultural events. We love to hike, tent camp, travel in our RV, stretch our photography skills (Mark’s a pro), indulge in our “foodie fix” at eclectic eateries, read hardcover and paperback books, listen to soul-stirring music (ask me about seeing David Gilmour at the Hollywood Bowl), visit fine art galleries and museums, and support AirBnB owners when we travel. Most of all, we love to immerse ourselves in nature, where we allow ourselves to feel small when we gaze up into clear, star-filled night skies. We gasp like awe-struck children when meteorites zoom across our view. We feel most at home when we’re in the wilderness, seated around a warm campfire with good friends.